A NEW WAY                        

A   QUANTUM MEDICAL REPAIRMAN                                                     

Time to Experience ~ a Medical Repairman~ REPAIRS to all the body structures,  The TMJ is connected to many body structures that become  painful from various trauma

~~~~I have created the Medical Repairman method.  A hyper state of seeing the Joint & Muscles current challenges. Like a biological MRI. With that information, your body then shows me how to initiate and complete the Repairs  ~~~~ QUICKLY ~~~~ 

This is not Kinesiology.
This is direct COMMUNICATION.
Your Body shows me DIRECTLY, with visual images I see with my Pineal Gland.  The Third eye. Science documentation has fully shown the pineals gland many abilities. I have developed my third eye ability to communicate with the body through images it gives me. Your body shows me the challenged areas needing Repair
How they are connected
HOW EXACTLY to correct the imbalances.   
If you would like to learn more about this and how you can receive these amazing results also,   Simply CLICK on the video LINKS below for more information. You will see people having painful conditions reversed quickly.. In three sessions or less...

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TMJ imbalances can affect multiple body structures.   Have you spent $100s, $1,000s or even $10,000's trying to correct the pain and imbalances? 

Have You been down the path of Multiple PAIN Correction sessions over Months and Years.  

 Are your Ears constantly ringing or feeling Stuffed?
Do you have Jaw Clicking or morning Lockjaw?
Do you have a feeling of imbalance in the hips?
Are any of your Joints in chronic Pain and discomfort?
 It's because your well intentioned Health Care persons  are not Seeing
We will Look at the whole body, and how all parts have been affected by the current most PAINFUL body structure challenge. Each session we will bring balalnce to ALL body parts.  As your body works as a system.  They are  all connected.
Your body structure/organ/gland weakness can be Corrected  QUICKLY. When they are all communicating optimally.
We take the time to hear your story, communicate with your body and create accurate solutions. That bring balance to both sides of the body while the challenge and the connected offset body structures are repaired during the same session.  What makes what we do very different from other medical help offices, 
We will view the whole body. And also only fixing in one session what the body can assimilate. It still a few days for your body to process and anchor the new connections. 

Our Amazing Fun and Effective Services

KNOWLEDGE is Powerful

Continue reading below, or click the 3 videos button to see me explain.

  Who Am I? And why can I say all these things? 

Hi.  I'm Gaillen Taser Wraye.  Medical Repairman.  Specializing in Pain Relief & Joint Repairs.  Organs can also be repaired. They take some special care in rerouting energy.  Plus also fining out why they are not functioning correctly. 

Many of my clients have asked me to come out and speak about the Real TRUTH behind the TMJ and related body structure  Disorders. Many joint, muscle, back and organ disorders, can be quickly repaired without invasive surgery  My clients have expressed that this system should be know globally so people like you can also benefit from being totally fixed.  
Usually, just in 3  sessions.
   That is what I do ...and have been doing.....   for over 20 years.
I am glad you have come here to know 
 ~~~~the TRUTH about TMJ and body structure challenge disorders~~~.  

As You May Have Been Misdiagnosed for Headache pains,  eye pains,  ear Pains, Misalignments & Back Pains...WHY??..... 
Most often because its not fixing these 2 little Joints.  And fixing the other imbalances that have added to your discomfort
Which we can do quite simply. 
And I am going to show you, HOW we -  together - can reverse and fix these various conditions, within a very short time frame. 
Its time you received REAL REPAIRS to These DISORDERS. .  Plus we repair the other body structures at the same time.

    Got TMJ and Joint /Muscle /Organ Disorders ??? 

Did you ever think You might have FUN Fixing Them? 

 Listen to A NEW WAY of getting Quickly
(Click on images to view videos)

Finally!!!! Video 1

Something that really WORKS!

Clients Success Stories Video 2

Taser explains how having a Medical Repairman session will change your Life - Video 3

Carla's very very QUICK fix.

Resetting the TMJ can feel like Magic


Sessions showing quick repairs

In Minutes

 Professional Goalie Coach amazed. Quick neck repair. 

 Pasco Valana - Goalie coach & Firefighter https://elitegoalies.com/   

 Video 1 - Pasco had a neck impairment for over 10 years.  No medical professional was able to fix.  Always painful.   In just a few minutes, its repaired.  As he says, "Honest to God, I have never seen anything like this." 

 Professional Goalie Coach.  Chronic foot pain repaired 

 Pasco Valana - Goalie coach & Firefighter https://elitegoalies.com/  

 Video 2 -  Pasco had chronic foot pains  for over 10 years. Right ankle had an old injury he did not tell me about which I could "SEE"  No medical professional was able to fix. Physio for the foot often painful with short lived relief.  In just a few minutes of using the Medical Repairman method, its repaired.  As he says, "Thats so stange... Whats going on here?? Amazing" .

  Professional Goalie Coach.  Chronic 2nd foot pain repaired  

  Pasco Valana - Goalie coach & Firefighter https://elitegoalies.com/   

  Video 3 -  Pasco left foot chronic pains  for over 10 years.  No medical professional was able to fix. Physio was also painful with short lived relief.  In just a few minutes of using the Medical Repairman method, its repaired.  As he says, "Honest to God, what are you doing. This is Amazing"   

 Sessions at the Body Soul Spirit Expo - Jan 2019 

The most common feedback expression "That was AMAZING!"

 A sampling of the Medical Repairman sessions given by Taser at the Body Soul Spirit Expo Jan 4-6 2019 event.  Gaillen gave sessions to 54 people over the 3 days 

 More info below on how TMJ affects multiple body structures. 

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Repairs to those Disorders and MORE

Sort of Scary when you see all that from 2 little Unhappy Joints

I developed a cutting edge technique for rapidly repairing ligaments tendons, and cartilage issues in all the body joints, without the need for any invasive surgeries or 
dental appliances. 
 Most conditions can be fixed in three sessions. As shown above, TMJ disorders can cause many body JOINTS to become inflamed and painful. Unfortunately many health care practitioners miss the TMJ connection as the source of the pain. 
Also many health care practitioners never fully fix the problem.
We fix the problem, and quickly

 What I have found with the majority of TMJ sufferers, is this. 

 TMJ Disorders are the most misdiagnosed pain and joint related health challenge. 

 The joints are very small. Located on either side of the head. Yet, when these joints are being stressed or traumatized, they will cause numerous body systems to be out of balance, creating re-accuring Pain and discomfort in other areas of the body. 

Sometimes just opening the mouth too wide overstretches the tendons.  And the condition starts.

As often happens in a dentist chair session while having Teeth restoration treatments.

What I have found from correcting this DISORDER in over 20 years of clients is THIS 

  People are often not aware they have a TMJ disorder.

Pains and aggravations are eliminated once the disorder is fixed.
Fixing the clients TMJ "CORRECTLY" will ALLEVIATE a host of other misalignments, body balance, and pain issues they are having.  Period.
Mostly in 3 sessions or less.

Why the Medical Repairman method is so Effective for Joint/ Muscle/organ  repairs

It's outside Mainstream Medical.

First accept that your living body is a community of organisms fundamentally self aware of how to create its own  repairs. When we learn to communicate with that community and follow its direction.... The repair results will always be magical! 

Your body shows me EXACTLY what to do. 

For correcting the Imbalances - Torn Ligaments - Disconnections - Joint Repairs 

What better source to find out how to fix the problem than GETTING YOUR BODY to show us what and how. 

What you will feel after the Session

FIRST THING - a miraculous ability to move the affected joint more freely. 
Many people have the experience of desiring rest after a session.
One of my clients had an extraordinary experience. After arriving home from his first session, he was out for 24 hours, which was a welcome experience to him. Because of a neck pain disorder, he had not been able to go to sleep without drugs for over 4 years.  
So let yourself embrace this part of the shifting process. It is a very important part.  The body requires quality down time for repairing itself.

Your Body has all the Tools required to Repair itself.

You can be fixed. YOU can be repaired in a day.

And most often, not having to go through all the time consuming events of seeing an MD, surgeries and numerous medical visits.

Your Body is amazing in SELF REPAIR  

When you do what the body shows you,  JOINT STRUCTURES REPAIR RAPIDLY 

What you can do is have the systems rapidly repair themselves.
In some ways, actually... sort of like Wolverine in X-Men.
I actually emulate THE WOLVERINE process by catalyzing your system to do what it has the ability to do - 
getting your body to quickly repair itself.
Its actually kind of fun. The body is showing you where to go and where to put things together. Where to move and balance items. It might look a little like magic.  Clients continually say the results are like magic ...  And  Amazing!.

"Over the Moon" feedback 

Hi Amy and Taser!  
I’m really sorry that I didn’t get this off to you when you had sent it BUT I have an OVER THE MOON reason why….it’s because I was able to get out and live my life again!!!  I wasn’t on the computer at all this weekend!  I took Taser’s advice and really just took it easy Friday evening but was still so excited every time I would get up to ambulate and I could walk with a normal gait and very limited discomfort compared to before.   I can say that I had a really restful sleep.  So, of course, I got out over the weekend to shop, visit a friend, do a little work around the house including taking the stairs to go below to do laundry, AND I went for it and did a test run around the block yesterday evening with the dogs and YAY!!!!!!!….I got the entire walk in without shedding one tear.  Again, there was minimal discomfort but nothing that took away from the enjoyment of the walk.  If this is the miracle that Taser did with one treatment…can you imagine with a second one!!!  Amy…I’m getting very emotional right now as I’m typing these words because I can only liken this feeling to someone who had been waiting to hear if they have cancer and they get the good news that they are clean and A-OK.  I guess that is a bit of a dramatic analogy but I truly feel like my life has been given back to me
I hope this feedback has been helpful in some way.  I’ve been talking to my family about Taser because I’m so excited about the help I received from him 
I just could’t contain myself and had to share with them.  I am so excited to see Taser again this Friday Amy….THANK YOU for the service you both provide.  Blessings to you both!!!
Kris , Vancouver BC

I was a little skeptical at first.  Seemed to good to be true. I had been struggling with my TMJ disorder for over 5 years. I was looking at expensive surgery for correction.  Yet, as Taser told me, it can be fixed. So TRUE! Fixing the TMJ not only made me feel balanced again, I no longer had the constant buzzing white noise in my one ear.  What a relief.  I was thoroughly impressed with Taser's professionalism.  I highly recommend you use the TMJ Wellness Center Services.

Janet Sliz

Kamloops, BC

This is definitely the Wave of the Future in Medical Repair.  Its still hard to believe.  I am enjoying a full life again.

Mark Ryder

Chilliwack BC. Canada

I had been having jaw and neck pains for MANY years. I have been to chiropractors, Naturopaths, Acupuncturists, and of course MD’s. The results were always up and down.  No one could seem to get the pains corrected.  All my family doctor would do is give me pain pills.  The clicking of my jaw and weekly headaches seemed to be getting worse. I learned of the TMJ Wellness Center through a friend.  They said, “Just believe me, you will be amazed.” So I decided to go see him as a last resort. I was amazed!  Also with how much time Taser spent educating me on how the body works. And a lot of items that the other health practitioners were not aware of.  Especially the JAW / HIP Mystery connection. We went through the connections that helped create the condition. I finally had an explanation for the cause of my various pains and aggravations. Then Taser explained to me, how the Body Talk Repair process could correct many of my problems. And then the process really blew my mind.  Taser's Body Talk Repair process is incredible.  Without me even telling where all the exact troublesome points were.  It was if he had x-ray vision. He could find their exact locations.  And the results were so QUICK.
 I am no longer in pain and no longer taking Tylenol and Advil.   
I now believe in this process fully, and I am so grateful for the TMJ Wellness Center. 
I have been recommending to all my friends and family.

Melanie Klepp

Vancouver BC 

Long Term TMJ & other Joint/Muscle Disorders Repaired 

Clients describe Amazing tranformations after sessions

Long Term TMJ disorder. Wendy

Repaired in one session

Gaillen explains in audio dubbing.
 Wendy KnobLauch - TMJ for many years.  Not too bad now.  She learned some techniques to reduce its impacts.
    She still gets very tense shoulders from it.  Arms were also tense and needed opening.
    You can see in here how I repair things in succession 

TMJ -Both sides

Quick Fix plus fix Umbilical Hernia

Ensure you watch the surprise at the end of the video!
 TMJ - both sides - clicking jaw.  Tight right shoulder. Stabbing pains in right scapula area.

Quick repair of TMJ and long term sinus issues fixed in 5 minutes

The body tells me the problem, even when the client does not.

Sherry was amazed with the quickness of the process.  Plus she did not tell me about the sinus issue.  I just saw it and repaired it.
Sherry is owner of a health and fitness facility.

Intense car accident.  Long term challenges fixed in 10 minutes

All the regular medical and alternative specialists could not bring the body back to full repair.

 Christopher - Car accident from over 6 years ago.  Near fatal. 
  Even though Chris has seen numerous specialists over the years, he was still having pain and challenges from the injuries before the one session.  After the session the challenges were greatly diminished or non-existent.
    He didnt tell me about his shoulder issue. I saw it and fixed it in minutes. 

Long term breakdown of body's processing ability repaired in one session

The Miracles of Body Talk Repairs

We met Geraldine at the Vancouver Health Show on the Saturday of the event. She had not told me of some specific issues in not being able to enjoy some simple activities like swallowing food and water.  I noted there were a number of energy pathways needing to be activated in her limbs chest and head area. Which I opened up and activated. This is the result.  She was so excited.  She had to come back on the Sunday to tell us. 

Taser's Interview with Onenergy Institute

After doing 54 sessions in 2 days at the Vancouver Health Show

Delphine Zhu of the Onenergy Institute

Interviews Taser about the Medical Repairman method 

Taser "reads" Delphine's challenges

She is amazed with Taser's ability to "SEE".  She receives a session that repairs her right shoulder.

Looking forward to seeing You 

Time to Start Your New Life! 



We aim to take care of your challenge in  a short time frame

New Client Visit

  • Initial visit 50 minutes
  • Detailed medical and trauma  history recorded. 
  • Initial session to repair and rebalance body structures 
  • One session will generally be repairing one main chronic issue which will have put out of balance many other body structures. 
  • So essentially one main challenge will still require fixing and rebalancing a multiple of areas related to the chronic challenge.  The body needs to be seen as an integrated system 

Return Sessions

  • 30 - 45 min appointments.
  • Includes check in, continuation of care and repair of challenge. 
  • Short Phone consults available to review progress.

  Health Care planning

  • Start with a free 15 min consult.
  • Sessions are approx 45 -60 minutes 

Both Knees, shoulders, elbows - Regenerate cartilage and rebalance broken links to Back, Neck, Hip and feet. 

Usually 3 sessions for complete repair
  • Fixing the major joints requires fixing and aligning the other body parts that have become stressed and unbalanced. Correcting and repairing chronic pain at various body points, that are related to the major challenge  is part of the session.  
  • We balance both knees at the same time.  The one with most challenges is fixed. The client can significantly feel the difference between the two as comparison.  Then we fix the other.
  • You will feel the change in the cartilage density after the first session. With much less pain in the knee, more flexibility and much less inflammation.
  • We follow a similar process for all the bilateral major joints.
Equine Guard, sweet itch

Sweet Itch Relief Packs

Your Horse deserves a midge free summer

One 2 bottle pack -> $150 US. Each pack has one 240 ml bottle of Equine Guard Oral, and one 240 ml bottle of Equine Guard Dermal.  For people wanting to purchase Sweet Itch Relief packs, Email us at Info@TMJWellnessCenter.com.  We require your Shipping address, phone number and email.  Let us know the number of packs being requested.   We will send you a Paypal invoice for the order. Takes 3 - 5 days of transit to most places in USA and Canada.  International a few more days.

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